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- Ski Karussell Altastenberg -

Lift company Altastenberg GmbH & Co.KG / Ski lift Schwedenhang Martin Voss

Extract from the "AGB - General Terms and Conditions of Business


  • The use of the transport facilities and ski slopes is at your own risk. No liability is assumed for accidents of any kind.
  • Skiing outside the prepared ski slopes is prohibited.
  • The ski slopes are to be used only during the designated operating hours
    Daily: 09:00 hrs to 16:30 hrs
    Floodlight operation: according to notice / current information
  • After closing time it is forbidden to enter the ski area (danger to life due to piste preparation and operation of snow guns!)
  • Visitors to the ski area must expect the operation of snow guns and snow groomers (snow groomers and snowmobiles) at all times and adjust their behavior accordingly.
  • The instructions of the operating personnel must be followed without fail.
  • Tobogganing is not permitted on the premises of the Ski Karussell.
  • All visitors to the ski area must behave in accordance with the "FIS Rules of Conduct" in the ski area.
  • All time tickets (half-day, day, multi-day tickets) are personal passes and therefore non-transferable.
  • In case of misuse or misconduct, the lift ticket will be confiscated or blocked.


Ticket system

The Altastenberg Ski Karussell is equipped with a contactless access system.

  • Deposit

When purchasing the key card for tickets of the Altastenberg ski carousel (point tickets and day tickets up to 2.5 days), a deposit may be charged for the card, which will be refunded upon return. In case of damaged tickets, the deposit will not be refunded. For multi-day cards from 3 days ("Wintersport-Arena-Card") and barcode cards no deposit will be charged, therefore no refund will be made upon return.

  • Temporal validity

The Key Card is valid during the respective operating hours of the ski lifts in the ski area. In case of bad weather, lack of snow or operational shutdown (technical problems) of individual lifts, there is no right to replacement or refund.

  • Refund

Refunds or partial refunds are only possible in case of ski accidents and injuries in the ski area. In this case, the Key Card should be deposited immediately at the cash desk in the Sport Wemhoff store, and a certificate from a local doctor must also be presented. A refund can only be granted for the period from the time the card is deposited.

  • Loss of the Key Card

Lost or damaged Key Cards will not be replaced.

  • Expiration of validity

Point tickets are valid for 2 years from the date of purchase, all other tickets are valid only in the current season.

  • Floodlight

Day and point tickets are not valid during floodlighting. For this purpose, a separate evening ticket is available at the ticket offices or directly at the ski lift.

With the purchase of a ski lift ticket the listed conditions are accepted by the customer.

Altastenberg, 01.12.2018